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equitysport is a values-based, human-first, and collaborative international charity based in the UK. We exist to advance and promote the values of equality, diversity and equal opportunity in and through global sport in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We work to promote, amplify, uphold and strengthen support for shared values across global sport; and we advocate for practical structural changes within the sporting ecosystem to extend equal opportunity to under-served and disadvantaged groups and communities.

Through collaboration and partnership, we strive to build local capacity, empower local communities and support local initiatives to reduce Global North-South divides in sport and sports development.

Our work is particularly focussed on those from socially and economically disadvantaged communities in the Global South, with our current geographical priority being sub-Saharan Africa.

Registered Charity 1189559.

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equitysport exists to advance and promote equality, diversity and equal opportunity in and through global sport.

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