The Ripples app works with major banks and credit card providers to enable spare change donations.

Simply Download the app, safely connect your account through online banking and spend as normal. We'll automatically collect your spare change and send it to POhWER.

You can set a weekly limit on donations and pause at any time, so you're always in control.

About POhWER

POhWER is a charity and membership organisation. We provide information, advice, support and advocacy to people who experience disability, vulnerability, distress and social exclusion.

POhWER was established in 1996 by a group of people with disabilities who were fighting social injustice and challenges in their lives. POhWER still operates with these roots at the heart of everything it does; supporting marginalised, vulnerable and socially excluded people through its charitable work.

POhWER’s work helps to reach over 400,000 people each year, but rising needs require more support. Not all the services that our clients require are currently funded by the government. That is why we need your help to reach even more people with our services.

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