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Antibiotic resistance is growing and already destroying lives. Without effective antibiotics, people all over the world could die from simple infections such as chest, ear and urinary tract, and everyday treatments for cancer and heart disease and operations such as hip replacements and caesareans would be too risky to undertake. Unless something is done 10 million people a year could die from antibiotic resistance by 2050.

Antibiotic Research UK is the only charity worldwide tackling this problem. We fund research into developing new medications, support patients affected by antibiotic resistant infections and provide professional and public education.

Registered Charity 1157884.

Our mission statement

To support the development of effective treatments, to educate the public and professionals about antibiotic resistance, and to improve the quality of life for patients with antibiotic-resistant infections.


We offer support to patients who are affected by antibiotic resistant infections. We provide information, a listening ear and can put people in touch with others in a similar position for peer to peer support. This service can accessed by phone, email or Facebook. Click here for more information: find support


We fund research into new antibiotic therapies. We have a research project looking at using alternatives to antibiotics to treat traveller’s diarrhoea and another using an antibiotic resistance breaker alongside existing antibiotics. Click here for more information: research


We educate the public and professionals into appropriate use of antibiotics. By ensuring we use antibiotics appropriately we will slow the rate of resistance.

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