Heal is raising money to buy land in England for rewilding, not for profit but for wild things and all of us. Anyone can contribute to Heal, with donations or their time and skills.

Heal also has a unique land sponsorship scheme called Heal 3x3. Supporters can donate £20 through a special land fund, which enables Heal to buy a 3m by 3m land square within its foundation project. Once the land holding is acquired, all sponsors will be given the what3words address of their square, so they know exactly where it is and can one day visit the site they have helped to create.

Registered Charity 1187992.

Our mission statement

Heal the land, heal nature, heal ourselves.


All Heal's work currently is focused on the creation of its foundation rewilding project, the acquisition of a farm of around 500 acres for rewilding by 2022. This first project will be in the south of England, between Somerset and Kent - the exact location depends on what comes up for sale in the right place and of the right size. The site will then open to visitors as soon as possible. The charity will convert the buildings for use as educational and research facilities. Large animals - cattle, pigs, ponies and deer - will be brought onto the land after it has been given time to rest and recover.

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