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The Children's Society walks towards the young people that society crosses the road to avoid. Why? Because they see something in them. ​


Hope for a happier home life, Hope of getting a job, of getting away from the people who exploit and hurt them. Hope of overcoming the obstacles modern life puts in front of them and Hope that tomorrow can be better than today. ​

It's right there in the centre of every young person in Britain. Even those who have it toughest of all, those who are exploited, neglected, unsafe. The Children's Society sees it. And fights for it. ​ Sometimes Hope takes a battering. Sometimes it's hidden beneath a veneer of doubt, aggression and mistrust. Sometimes it's hanging by a thread. ​

But we know it's there. And that’s why we do everything in our power to restore it, protect it and strengthen it. We’re transforming the hopes and happiness of young people who need it most. ​

And we won’t rest until we’ve created a society built for all children, where Hope is alive in every child. Because no young person should be left without it. The Children's Society. ​

Fighting for Hope.

Our mission statement

The Children’s Society’s Vision​- A society that is built for all children​. The Children’s Society’s Goal​- By 2030 we will have overturned the damaging decline in children’s well-being, setting a path for long lasting growth.

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