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Magic Bus runs one of the largest poverty alleviation programmes in South East Asia, working with approximately 385,000 children and 9000 trained volunteer mentors in 22 States across India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal. Our vision is a world where children break out of poverty and lead fulfilling, rewarding lives, contributing positively to their community and to the world around them. Children on the Magic Bus programme complete school and go on to enrol in vocational institutes or colleges. They successfully fend off destabilisers such as child marriage and child labour and become first-generation salary earners. Our participants complete their education and go on to have secure careers. In December 2019, Magic Bus was nominated as one of the top 5 non-profits in education across South-East Asia.


Your support comes at a crucial time for Magic Bus, as young people and communities in India have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing lockdown. Your donation will be supporting Magic Bus’ COV:AID fundraising campaign to help raise funds and strengthen COVID-19 relief efforts to prevent, protect, and persevere for India.

The Magic Bus team on-the-ground in India are witness to all of this, doing everything within their power to prevent loss of life, protect our young people and persevere in the face of this pandemic. Magic Bus is working with government and local community leaders to ensure those who need food, medical supplies and hygiene products most can access them. Our teams are delivering life-saving essentials to thousands of households across India, and we are prepared to scale this over the coming weeks. To enable this, inspirational frontline staff are receiving training and protective equipment to enable them to reach these vulnerable people as safely as possible. Over the next few months, Magic Bus will need to reach hundreds of thousands of households. For the duration of this terrifying humanitarian crisis they are changing their approach to ensure children, young people, and their families living in poverty get the support they need.

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