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Humanimal Trust believes a world is possible, where animals and humans benefit equally and at the same time from medical advances.

We drive collaboration between vets, doctors and researchers, bringing ever closer the day when no animal has to die in a laboratory for the benefit of human or animal health.

By sharing what we already know from veterinary practice and consensual clinical trials with animals, we can save the lives of both humans and animals without sacrificing a healthy animal’s life.

That means we’ll need fewer and fewer laboratory animal tests until one day they are obsolete. Meanwhile Humanimal Trust will only support research that does not use experimental animal models.

Registered Charity 1156927.

Our mission statement

We want a world where both humans and animals have better opportunities to benefit equitably from medical progress because vets, doctors and researchers routinely collaborate and share – this is One Medicine.

One Medicine

Through education, we work to inspire everyone to take the One Medicine message forward for the benefit of future generations of both humans and animals, developing an education programme with activities designed for school children through to higher education and professional CPD.

We work to increase awareness and improve understanding of One Medicine, engaging with people by attending community events and giving talks about our work to community and other interested groups.

We fund the research needed to evidence the impact and benefits of One Medicine, fostering the skills and knowledge needed to make it a reality.

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