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We are Coventry Cat Group (CCG) a small, completely volunteer led, no paid staff, non profit, non-destruct charity and we help manage the significant problem of feral and abandoned cats in the area. A key impact of feral cat colonies is on the community they live in, apart from the suffering to the animals themselves. Our team of trained volunteers trap feral and stray cats, check for microchips and assess and treat them for health problems either at our centre or with a fosterer. They are neutered and socialised for rehoming or returned to the site they came from providing there is ongoing care available. The charity has rehomed well over 1500 cats. Last year we trapped from two colonies more than 30 cats and kittens, all were socialised, neutered, vaccinated and the majority are in their forever homes. We urgently need funds to help us with this work.

Main project

The main project for 2019/20 is to rebuild and expand our feral pens. The problem in the Coventry area is so great that we do not have sufficient space at our centre or enough volunteers to help all the cats and kittens that need it. Our existing feral pens are too small and in very poor condition. Our new pens are under construction thanks to the incredibly hard work of volunteers and fundraisers. We still need to raise funds for some of the finishing off work, electrics, flooring and fitting them out with beds, cat trees, feeding stations and cat trays for the residents. With our new feral shelter we can reduce the numbers of feral and abandoned cats in the Coventry area, increase the numbers of cats cared for and rehomed with health, social and environmental benefits for the communities. There are many examples of our success stories on our facebook page

Additional pens

Another project for 2020 is to provide an additional pen for our isolation (ISO) unit – we currently have two pens and a sterile kitchen and we need to expand the unit to three pens. Expansion of the ISO is identified as an area which is currently limiting our intake and is therefore of some urgency. The isolation unit enables us to manage cases of widespread infections amongst members of the same colony and prevents any cross infection with other cats. Cross infection is very harmful to the cats and drains our human and financial resources. A colony recently trapped alone could have filled our current facilities 3 times over. There are many examples of our success stories on our facebook page

Additional units

A project for 2021 is to construct a separate unit for mother cats and kittens to be built on our premises. The total cost for building the unit, fitting and equipping is estimated to be £25,000. In the year to October 2019 we took in 11 mums with 44 kittens between them, as well as 25 lone kittens. Main pens cannot house unvaccinated cats, and are not equipped for mums and kittens, because of high shelves and open plan pods. We need a safe, nurturing environment in a unit specifically geared towards providing the best care for mums and kittens. Our proposal is for 3 self-contained pods with an area furnished as a basic room, where kittens and mums can be socialised more effectively. This room could also double for a critical care area, where a carer can sit in with them. There are many examples of our success stories on our facebook page

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