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UK Charities unite to launch the #RoundupsPennyAppeal to help them continue their vital work and survive a Covid funding crisis

A group of UK charities have joined forces to create the #RoundupsPennyAppeal which asks the public to donate digital pennies as they spend with the Roundups app, as charities seek new income streams in the face of a £12.4 billion deficit

7th December 2020, London, UK: A growing number of charities are joining forces to ask the public to donate digital pennies to help them survive the pandemic so they can continue their vital work. CLIC Sargent, Blue Cross and the National Emergencies Trust are among the many charities forming the alliance with Roundups to create the video campaign. The video features representatives from over 20 charities, ranging from large to small. You can watch the #RoundupsPennyAppeal video here.

Roundups is an app that links with your card, rounds up your payments and donates the difference to your chosen charity as you spend. Donors can round transactions up to as little as 10p and set a weekly cap on their donations. The app also lets donors track the impact of their donations as they go.

The #RoundupsPennyAppeal comes as charities search for new ways to plug the anticipated £12.4 billion shortfall caused by Covid-19 which could see 10% of charities bankrupt and 60,000 charity jobs lost.

Charity bosses are hoping that by asking for very small donations they will be able to reach more people and the collective effort will raise vital funds.

Sarah Thorn, Community and Partnerships Manager at Lymphoma Action said:

“Coronavirus has led to an unprecedented demand for our services, and we are busier than ever in supporting people affected by a lymphoma diagnosis… We are delighted to be a part of this campaign and to provide our supporters with innovative ways to get involved with Lymphoma Action. This is especially important at this challenging time when our revenue has been impacted by the cancellation of events and fundraising activities which bring in a large percentage of our income. Funds raised through digital platforms like Roundups will help safeguard our services and support our work in making sure that no one has to face lymphoma alone.”

Rahul Bissoonauth, UK Director of Magic Bus UK said:

“Magic Bus UK are incredibly excited about joining the #RoundupsPennyAppeal. It’s an innovative addition to our digital fundraising by providing our supporters with a simple way to donate a little, often. We are positive they will welcome the concept of rounding up day-to-day transactions through the app, knowing that every penny will add up to make an invaluable difference”.

Blue Cross tweeted:

Sean Donnelly, Co-Founder of Roundups, also commented:

“We know that many people are facing financial difficulties at the moment and so donating to charity has understandably fallen down the priority list. Hopefully people will view Roundups as a way of supporting the sector without breaking the bank. It is designed so that you can donate small amounts that you won’t miss personally but, collectively, will make a big difference.”

Find out more and activate Roundups penny donations at Charities interested in joining the #RoundupsPennyAppeal should contact Roundups at

Article updated on: 6th December, 2020

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