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Transparency: Walking the Walk

Loads of organisations talk a lot about transparency but very few walk the walk.

At Roundups, we want to be in the minority that does.

It’s difficult because high levels of transparency and visibility bring more opportunity for scrutiny and criticism – it makes you vulnerable.

The upside is that being honest and open brings you closer to your community/followers/users – and it just feels good! Vulnerability can be empowering

One of the upcoming transparency features of the Roundups app is that we show genuine, live data points. The most cutting of these data points is the figures that show how much the whole platform is raising.

This mockup gives an idea of how it might look for a user. The example figures shown here are pretty good, but we are enabling this feature from DAY 1.

That means we will be showing a bunch of relatively uninspiring (embarrassing, actually) figures to everyone from the get-go. “The whole roundups community has raised 7p this week, 13p this month and 47p this year! Thank you!” 😅

Users will be able to see our actual growth – not just some bogus success theatre posted on social media from time-to-time.

It’s nerve-racking.

What if the numbers don’t increase according to plan? 😰

What if they don’t increase at all? 😱

What if they DECREASE? 😲

Well, if those things happen – we’ll be brave and tell you

Then we’ll work really hard to get it right.

Article updated on: 27th April, 2020

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