What we do

We round up your card payments, donate the pennies to your chosen not-for-profit and report back on your amazing impact

If all of us activate Ripples, together we can raise millions for charities, schools and important causes around the world

  • ➜ Round your payments up to 10p, 50p or £1: it’s your choice
  • ➜ You can set a weekly cap
  • ➜ You choose the cause

Why we do it

We’re on a mission to make automatic penny donations mainstream

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world

—Howard Zinn

How we do it

Here’s the short version. For a detailed explanation, see our FAQs.

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Work with
your bank

With your permission, we safely and securely integrate with your online banking or credit card provider

round ups

Our app uses your transaction data to calculate your round ups as you spend


When your round ups accumulate to £5.00, we initiate a £5.00 donation from your account

Does Ripples make money?

Yes, just enough to provide the service!

Roundups Fundraising Services Ltd is a Social Enterprise. We have a social impact mission that is legally written into the structure of our company. Ripples involves complicated technology and we do have costs to cover. 5% of all user donations currently go towards sustaining the Ripples platform. This covers unavoidable expenses like payment processing fees, app maintenance, staff and promotional activity which, in turn, helps to build the community and facilitate even more penny donations!

We plan to reduce the 5% admin fee as our user base increases

Security & privacy

Bank level security

We work within the Open Banking Regulations and with major FinTechs to ensure that your banking and personal information is always safe and secure. Find out more about how we are regulated and how we use Open Banking APIs here.

Data privacy

We do not store or share your data with any third party. Your transaction data is not accessible by anyone but you. Our technology only reads the transaction data in order to calculate the roundup figure to debit.

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